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I'm extremely sympathetic to Seller's who have fond memories of their home or have spent thousands of dollars, etc.. These factors unfortunately do not influence a Buyer's decision. The following are some misconceptions on pricing a home I have encountered. 
The Market Value of Your Home is NOT:   Statements Commonly Heard from Sellers That 
    Really Have Nothing to do with the Home’s Value:
* What you have in it.    
* What you need out of it.   * "Another agent said it was worth more.”
* What you want.   * "People always offer less than asking price.”
* What it appraised for.   * "The buyers can always make an offer.”
* What you heard your neighbor's house sold for.   * "My neighbors were able to get this price.”
* What the tax office says it is worth.   * "We paid more than that for our home.”
* How much it is insured for.          Original Purchase Price, was inevitably the market
* Based on memories and treasures.          value at that time. Markets change, we must be 
* Based on prices of odd homes where you are moving.          flexible with the current market conditions, which have
           changed significantly, in order to be fruitful.
The True Market Value of Your Home Is What a Buyer is Willing to Pay:
* Based on today's market conditions.   * Based on the Buyer's perception of the condition.
* Based on today's competition.   * Based on location.
* Based on today's financing.   * Based on normal marketing time.
* Based on today's economic condition.   * Based on showing accessibility.
Homes That Sell in Today’s Market: On a Scale of 1-10, The “10’s” Are Currently Selling, How Can Your Property Be a "10"?


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